San Andreas Multiplayer Hack_Cheat SAMP

SanAndreasMultiplayerHack CheatSAMP San Andreas Multiplayer Hack Cheat SAMP


This is the latest and working version hack for SAMP (San andreas multiplayer)

[ Features ]

- Fly Hack (Fly through walls and teleport to locations)
- Fast Model Change (Change outfits really fast!)
- Rainbow Car
- Respawn Revenge (Automatically respawn where you died!)
- Spawn all guns (Minigun, rpg, snipers ect)
- Instant stunt bonus helper (flips your car very fast)
- Spawn Rhino and other vehicles.
- Godmode/Auto Heal (Automatically reheal your health)
- Teleport to any location
- Unlimited ammo
- Unlimited NOS

Bypass all anti cheat and undetected on all servers!

I scanned this file before uploading, if you dont trust it dont download it its that simple!.

 San Andreas Multiplayer Hack Cheat SAMP

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