Runes of Magic BOT HACK Pack

RunesofMagicBOTHACKPack Runes of Magic BOT HACK Pack

How to Work the Bot:

1-Download the bot(You may have to turn your antivirues off due to flase postives.
2-Run the installer(as Admin if Vistz/Win7)
3-Have Fun

Note:Some Antivirus detect false positive the file is pack to keep the bot from being detected by Jagex.

–Pro Bots

-Pro Agility
-Pro Burner
-Pro Chopper
-Pro Cooker
-Pro Crafter
-Pro Fisher
-Pro Fletcher
-Pro Ghoul
-Pro Herblore
-Pro Hunter
-Pro Magic
-Pro Miner
-Pro RuneCrafter
-Pro PestControl
-Pro Smither
-Pro Thiever

–Free Bots


Have a Fun Time Botting Your Way To the Top!!

This Crack with Crack your level up to any level you want, Give you any amount of money and diamonds.

Also comes with speed hack so you can run to quest faster.

My account is 60/60
6M coins
5k Diamonds
And my account is less than a month old.

 Runes of Magic BOT HACK Pack


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